TRL Working at Height Modules 1 & 2

AIM In 2006-2007 falls from height accounted for 45 fatal accidents at work and nearly 4000 major injuries. They remain the biggest cause of workplace deaths and one of the main causes of major injury. The Working at Height Regulations introduced in 2005 apply to all work at height where there is a risk of […]

TRL Lifting Gear Examiner & Rigging Loft Management

AIM The aim of this course is also to provide delegates with a thorough understanding of the HSE Rigging Loft Criteria, with emphasis on Regulations and Management. Users of lifting gear and those involved in the inspection or statutory examination of lifting gear in service. It is also suitable for those who are involved with, […]

LOLER Planning & Risk Assessment

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Working at Height & Harness Equipment modules 1 & 2

AIM This training is designed to ensure that personnel in a supervisory position and those responsible for carrying out LOLER planning and risk assessments have the skills to analyse the rigging & lifting operations of the workforce and are able to carry out assessments methodically and in compliance with the regulations. Course content will include: […]

TRL Management of Lifting Operations

AIM By the end of the course delegates will be able to: Demonstrate knowledge of the legal requirements, employer/employee obligations and responsibilities and safe working practices pertaining to the operation of mechanical lifting. Outline the principles for the selection of lifting equipment. Demonstrate knowledge of force influences for various sling configurations. Demonstrate knowledge of weight […]

OPITO Rigger Competence (Stage 3 & 4)

AIM The aim and objectives of the OPITO Stage 3 competence assessment are to establish that the candidate has the required underpinning knowledge, understanding and practical skills to fulfil the role of Rigger safely and effectively. The aim and objectives of the OPITO Stage 4 competence reassessment are to establish that the candidate has maintained […]

OPITO Rigger Training (Stage 1 & 2)

AIM The aim and objectives of the OPITO Stage 1 Initial Training Programme are to provide the delegate with knowledge of the rigging principles, general hazards and risks of rigging and lifting operations, an awareness of relevant legislation and regulation, and an opportunity to practice basic rigging operations following a lifting plan. Stage 2 takes […]

ECITB Appointed Person Moving Loads

Content This four day course delivers the necessary skills and knowledge to manage and plan the types of lifts or moving loads operations that frequently occur on engineering construction industry sites. Delegates are introduced to the activities of the Appointed Person roles through classroom based lessons and exercises culminating in a one day practical phase […]

ECITB Rigging Reskills

Content Once a delegate’s training has been successfully completed they will achieve an ECITB Certificate of training and the new Level 2 QCF LAPL and ACE card. After the 4 week programme, the delegate would then proceed to the workplace and complete their ECITB work based assignments (WBTA). Once this has been successfully completed they […]

ECITB Technical Competence Validation Test

Content This test is used to confirm the person has the job knowledge, skills and ability to safely perform the Appointed Person role and generate lift plans, risk assessments and tool box talks. Duration This course will last for approximately half a day. Cost £250 per delegate (excluding VAT) Enquire Now